============ Movement / Interaction ============

W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys to Move. Click, Tap or Use Enter Key to Interact. Alternatively, Use Directional Pad on the bottom left for Movement.

Right Click or 2-Finger Tap (Mobile Users) for Options / Close Window.

If game is cut off via viewport, go Fullscreen by either hitting the FS Watermark on the lower right / or the F4 Key (In-Game).


My own RPGMakerMV / MV3D Sketchpad, currently done:

  • Traffic System, with an active pedestrian crossing and collision.
  • Time/Date System that can either run in custom or realtime mode.
  • Banking/Debit Monetary System, with a weekly variable interest payout.


As of 1/10/2020, this is abandonware and will no longer be updated.

WARNING: Game might runs poorly on Firefox browsers (FPS tanked to +/-30)

Legal Notice: You may not Use, Distribute nor Sell anything from this prototype without permission.

Check https://audze.itch.io for my other releases.



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This played really smoothly on my HP touch-screen laptop, using keys and on-screen movement. I especially love how avoiding diagonal movement seems to work in the game's favor, creating smooth, intuitive interaction with the 3D world. Great work making MV3D really shine with sprite tags, too! 

In the mv3d project I'm working on ( lawest.itch.io/syntence ), I had to reduce the camera freedom for the player to make touchscreen movement easier, but it's great to see you can have an intuitive first-person MV3D experience. 

Thank you. It's mostly done because of the traffic system. i don't use the commercial version of MV3D, hence i can't import 3D Models. The vehicles, being just sprites, need a 90 degree facing to give the illusion of perspective.

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Wow, it's looking great, and can you make tutorial on your youtube on how to make banking/debit monetary system. I'm just hoping if this possible to make just using event variables without plugin I'll really appreciate it, right now I'm using MZ


Hi, making a tutorial for this might be very challenging, as the debit ATM is heavily dependent on the time/date system i have in place, even though it is not a plugin, it still requires alot of scripting in the common events that is tied to other common events. This easily rakes up to 20 for automation alone just for this prototype.

I will put something up in the future if i can find a more "organized" way to do it, but as it stands now, it's unlikely.


thanks for reply, it's okay. Once again I want to say your game is really great visual looking I don't know why but it reminds me metropolismania 2 I love this game. But it's really heavy when I try to run it at my phone (Oppo realme 2) yeah it's an old smartphone.


Really dope, I'd love to be able to download the game file and have a look at your coding. I just don't get how I would do interest by percentage!

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try this:

Interest payout by percent Int (var) = 0;
Interest payout by percent Int (var) = Math.floor((Math.random() * 2) + 1);

a = $gameVariables;
accumulated interest (var) += math.round(a.value(bank money(var))/100*a.value(Interest payout by percent Int (var));
bank money (var) += accumulated interest (var);

replace "descriptive(var)" with $gameVariables.value(n)